75% of UK Say Children Should Learn About Tech Early On

young tech 75% of UK Say Children Should Learn About Tech Early On

This is an on-going debate amongst many parents across the world on what is classed as too young, when it comes to learning about technology.

Many parents think that introducing a young child to technology can help build up their knowledge for the future, whilst others feel that children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood without the need of technology.

Looking at the results of this survey, I think that involving children with technology at a young age is certainly becoming more acceptable, as 75% of the UK seem to encourage the idea.

A Sign of The Times?

Everywhere we look in today’s society there is some form of technology, and you only need to look at mobile phones as one great example of this. 20 years ago, it was a luxury to own such a device, and it was more of a fashion accessory back then.

Now, in 2013, the majority of people in the UK own a mobile phone and they have become much more than an accessory. Some people just cannot live without them.

If we conducted the same poll 20 years ago the percentage figure would probably be the same but the answers would be the other way around.

techforchildren 75% of UK Say Children Should Learn About Tech Early On

What Is The Ideal Age?

According the results of our survey the average age that came out when asked what is the ideal age for children to start learning about technology was 13 years old.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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