Best Apps 2013: This year’s hottest apps

want to know the best iPhone apps to download in 2013? What about the free Android apps to get you through the next twelve months? T3 has got your app life covered…

To help you in the quest to load up your smartphone with the best time-killers and apps to make the most of the year ahead, we’ve handpicked apps across the platforms that warrant your immediate attention.

So whether you’re an Apple iPhone 5. 5s or 5cuser, a Google Android lover, a BlackBerry fiend, or a Windows Phone newbie,  switch on your Wi-Fi or 3G to download our selection of this month’s hottest apps.

Calendars 5

Price: £2.99 | iOS | Download

Another calendar app makes its way to the App Store, this time though it’s been designed to compliment the translucency of iOS7. The natural language input is particularly useful – just type ‘meet with Sarah at lunch tomorrow’ and it’ll add as an event at the right time. Handy to-do lists are also included, so you don’t need to keep flicking over to a separate app for that. A nice, pretty complete package that gets timely updates.

Hassle Me

Free | Download Divvy Up | Windows Phone 8

If you’re the forgetful type, Hassle Me will literally hassle you to get stuff done, from finishing up your work to picking up something for dinner. It’s quick, with a simple layout and you are able to customise the amount of times per day it will hassle you.  A handy notification will also pop up in the live tile, alerting you of any outstanding to-dos, meaning a quick glance will all but remind you.

Reeder 2

Price: £2.99 | iOS | Download

Taking more design cues from Apple’s iOS7, Reeder 2 lets you stay up-to-date with all the goings on in the world and you can also share to read it later services like Pocket and Evernote. Stories update quickly, pulling content from tons and tons of sources and letting you read it in a distraction free environment.

Divvy Up

Free | Download Divvy Up | Windows Phone 8

Along with photo filter apps, endless runners and to-do list creators – bill splitting apps are numerous on all the app stores. This one, for Windows Phone 8, has a nice overall design, plus it’s free and there are no ads. Features include a tip calculator, quick split option and you can manually itemise receipts. A premium version is available as well, if you fancy dropping some cash and with you’ll unlock some extra features.


Free | Android and iOS| Download

This swish, well designed and simple to use task managing app packs in useful features that could see it become your planning app of choice. Cloud syncing, text prediction and sharing capabilities really single it out from a crowded genre.


Free Download BBM

Nope, you’ve not gone back in time five years to a high school playground, Blackberry is looking for halt a dip in fortunes by offering the popular BBM messaging service out to rival platforms. The good old PIN system of gaining contacts is still around, as is a very BB10 influenced look and feel, complete with a whole host of gestures.

Little Alchemy

Free | Download Little Alchemy | Google Chrome

This sciencey brainy puzzley title is fun way to waste a few minute in the Chrome browser. Simply mix elements together, create new ones and slowly you’ll build up a rather nice collection. It’s addictive too, which is the real measure of a puzzle game.


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