The Next Google Glass appearance Even Sillier Than

Here’s what succeeding Google Glass appears like. The official Google Glass Google and page simply discovered the planning of the updated version of Google Glass and it’s somehow even additional machine weird. the general look remains identical however it’s like Google is adding one mono earbud for the second generation of glass.

Current Glass users are able to swap out their previous Google Glass specs for the improved hardware of Google Glass two. Google had antecedently explicit  that the updated Google Glass can “work with future lines of shades and prescription frames” and can additionally embrace the ugly mono earbud.

Though the earbud can certainly improve Glass’ performance, they give the impression of being pretty large on the picturesque ears of those lovely models. [Google Glass+]

Update: A Google exponent reached bent clarify a number of things concerning the “new” Google Glass. First, the general style of succeeding Google Glass remains identical. Google created some minor tweaks to create certain it works with totally different dark glasses and might eventually match with a line of prescription Glasses. Also, the earbud (if you did not realize) is removable and meant for those on the go (or those that need higher audio performance).


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