Nexus 5 release date of October 31 tipped yet again

Nexus 5 release date of October 31 tipped yet again

The Google Nexus 5 may officially rear its head next Thursday, or Halloween for all your ghouls and gals.

That’s the word coming from tipsters of Canadian site Mobile Syrup, which last night reported the new Nexus will arrive in the Google Play Store on October 31.

The site also noted Canadian carriers will see the phone “up to eight days later,” putting a release at places like Rogers, Bell and Telus on either November 7 or November 8.

No word on US or UK carrier releases, but we have heard the October 31 release date before. Nothing is official until that (probable) Android 4.4 KitKat screen shows its face in Google Play, but it’s looking more likely that will happen next week.

Nexus 5 final countdown

Google all but confirmed the Nexus 5’s existence last week when it accidentally-on-purpose put the phone on display in Google Play.

It was given a starting price of $349 (about £215/AU$362) before it was pulled into the ether. We’ve been waiting ever since, and it looks like our wait is nearly over.

Tune back into TechRadar for more on the device especially as Halloween nears. May we even suggest dressing up as a “Nexus 5 leak” for the occasion?


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